Thriving Not Surviving

What limitations have you placed on your own life because of your past experiences, beliefs, values or preferences? Because of wounds that won’t allow for you to fully imagine all the possibilities for something greater? If I asked what you want most in life, could you articulate a clear response? I find many humans often struggle with this pointed question. Many of us have been tied to our struggle to simply survive for so long, that we have not allowed ourselves to envision what could exist on the other side. Without having a clear vision, how do we manifest the life we are destined to fulfill? How do we become purposeful? Useful to something bigger than ourselves? Something beyond our baggage…

I specialize in facilitating ways to manage and live with trauma/traumatic stress. Not only to live, but to THRIVE. The idea that trauma can necessarily be “healed” is a seemingly exaggerated response to a never-ending, intentional daily process, often lifelong for its survivors. Since trauma does not occur in a vacuum, I am mindful not to approach an individual’s experience post trauma in linear fashion. Does it get “easier” over time? Well, time heals and reveals all things. I believe the most successful people are born of having had the best support systems. I just came to walk with you. 

What do you want in life? What kind of legacy do you wish to leave? How do you plan to actualize it? Comment below. 

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