The ultimate alchemy is consecration of the divine.

Warm Currents Beautiful Humans!

I am honored to be in service to and with you. I accept you in your totality. I am not here to help you deny anything, rather I am here to help you rearrange and get to the center of your energy.

As an earth-based, holistic wellness practitioner, I offer guidance regarding lifestyle and diet, spiritual/emotional coaching/counsel, and personal consulting around goal identification and attainment. My heart’s deepest joy and intention is to alchemize the soul of people who are drawn to me on their paths–to reconcile, transform and elevate their entire being. I hold space for somatic experiencing sessions, energy/body work, guided meditation, creative movement, and vibrational sound therapy as various means of bringing you present in order to integrate so that you may experience life from your highest vibration.

The centrality of my work seeks to bring you face to face with you, shedding the layers of conditioning so you may resonate at your highest frequency.  We must look our deepest fear–ourselves–in the eye, moving through it, in order to raise our vibrations. Sometimes we simply need a mirror. It gives me great joy to share ancient practices/wisdoms that work in tandem to harmonize the human frequency in service to a more holistically sound human experience, individually and collectively.

I have always been akin to the Earth. Both source/creator and the life-sustaining force, she has held me in her arms, nurtured me, and carried me as I walked my path. Gaia holds the answers– if we listen, feel, and remember. Nature is the only teacher; the only medicine. I walked miles to be with her, to touch my hands to her belly, to return and heal. I traveled lifetimes to be here and remember the profound truths that can set us all free. The ancestors called and I have answered. None of us are free until we are all free.

As a Native American woman severed from her ancestral roots in childhood, it was imperative for me to remember the old ways, to reject Western notions around health (which focuses sickness and the maintenance of). I spent the last 12 years on my own path to wholeness, and like you, am still a work in progress. In 2014, I began traveling to SE Asia to expand on my understanding of Ayurvedic medicine and practices, focusing Tibetan medicine, Devotional Tantra, Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, the benefits of yoga beyond the Western model rooted in physical fitness, and studying ancient texts from this part of the world that further support my work’s mission.

My academic journey focused psychology, religious studies and women’s studies. I explored in depth, how each worked in tandem with one another. I wanted to understand how the world’s religions and practices influenced the psychology of the people, and how the psychology of the people worked to create social systems and policies that privileged a few and marginalized many. In addition to my personal travels, I spent two semesters abroad during my academic endeavors. Those experiences opened up new horizons of understanding for me, and led me to know there are other ways to exist that are less destructive to both myself and the world around me. I received my Bachelors of Psychology and Religious Studies from Guilford College University in 2015. Most recently, I completed my graduate work at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Women’s and Gender Studies.

More personally, I strive to find what gives me joy, what gifts I have to offer, and how to share them with the world. I am dedicated to creating pathways of service where my own freedom and liberation are deeply tied to others’. I work to help individuals identify their unique gifts and imagine ways they can monopolize on them while sharing them with the world. If you are good at anything, you should be compensated for it. Currency is a gift and ours to receive. Humans’ negative relationship to money keeps them from acquiring what they need. Abundance is not something we pray for; it is something we affirm and acknowledge as always being present. This simple shift in awareness can create tidal waves of change in your current financial situation. We are ALWAYS supported. We ALWAYS have enough.

Ultimately, It is my hope to co-create and support individual paths to holistic wellness that will lead to the collective healing of our world. My approach combines Earth medicine, ancient wisdom teachings, devotional tantric practices, and my academic foundations, to collaboratively work with humans in balancing the internal sanctum and energetic body, fostering esteem, shifting self-defeating thought patterns and invoking self-efficacy where motivation is lacking and barriers to success (both internal and external) have stifled growth and development. I hope to do so via the numerous creative and Earth-centered modalities I am currently engaging and expanding on, so we may all return to source and step into our own power.

Love All Ways,


The great mother does not take sides. She protects only the balance of life.”   Avatar