Earth Intuitive


Seeding New Ways of Being, Rooted in the Old.

Welcome Kindred Spirits.

Thank you for the opportunity to be in service to you. I accept you in your totality. I am not here to help you deny anything, nor diagnose/label you. Rather, I am here to help you rearrange and get to the center of your energy. I have the deepest appreciation for the nuances of the human condition and all its motivations.

As an Earth Intuitive practicing Integrative Wellness, my offerings support all manners of counsel (mental health/spiritual/relational) with a heart to heart approach. I imagine we both have something to learn from one another. I see you as whole, and strive to assist you in remembering. Matters of the mind/emotions are almost always rooted in wounds of the spirit. I wish to meet you there—spirit to spirit.

My work aims to encompass the whole of the human. Health/wellness is about balance. Dis-ease is rooted in disconnection; healing in reconnection. Depression means having lost the ability to manage the systems of one’s body. I use various modes of healing, focusing a reconnection to Earth, in order to address the mind, body & spirit—to bring them into balanced union. Essentially, my offerings assist you in relaxing into your own energy, starting by forging trusted relationships.

I specialize in facilitating ways to manage and live with trauma/traumatic stress. The idea that trauma can necessarily be “healed” is an exaggerated response to what is a never-ending, intentional daily process, often lifelong for its survivors. Since trauma does not occur in a vacuum, I am mindful not to approach an individual’s post experience in a linear fashion. Further, I rarely find it generative to travel down memory lane in what often becomes a re-traumatizing experience. There is some value in terms of understanding how trauma changes the brain’s response centers and our lens for viewing the world. Beyond that, our work together centers being peaceful within ourselves in the present, and moving forward. Time heals and reveals all things. With the appropriate tools, and a loving support system, a meaningful life beyond trauma is possible, where our focus shifts from victim, to empowered initiates for a New Earth.

Essentially, my goal is to bring you face to face with you, shedding layers of conditioning so you may resonate at your highest frequency. Sometimes we simply need a mirror. I am elated to share ancient practices/wisdoms that work in tandem to harmonize our frequencies, while in service to a more wholly sound human experience.

We are all traveling here together, at the speed of light.


More Personally…

From my earliest years, I have been akin to the elements, to life, and all forms of sentience. The Great Mother has held me in her arms, nurtured me, and carried me as I walked my path. She holds the answers if we listen, feel, and re-member. Nature is our greatest teacher, a natural medicine for most all human ills. I walked miles to be with her, to touch my hands to her belly, to return and heal, traveling lifetimes to be here and remember the profound truths that set us all free. 

I am especially interested in keeping the old ways alive, where people were connected to the Earth and trusted in her healing gifts. I spent the last 14 years on my own path to back to the light of inner-standing. The journey continues as my heart expands a little more each day, each year. People are the medicine. Each interaction I am gifted the opportunity to have is sacred. In 2014, I began traveling to SE Asia to expand my understanding of Ayurvedic medicine and practices, focusing Tibetan medicine. I draw from East Asian and my own Native ancestral ways of knowing/being, to encourage a more communal, balanced, and heart-centered way of existing in the world. Today, I travel the path of the heart in service to humanity, and the removal of the veils plaguing the mind, body, and spirit of the masses.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Religious Studies from Guilford College University in 2015.  I completed my graduate work at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Women’s and Gender Studies. Over the course of my studies, I explored how each worked in tandem with one another. Given humans are social animals, I wanted to understand how the world’s religions and cultural practices shaped the psychology of the people, and how the psychology of the people worked to create social systems and policies that privilege a few while marginalizing many.

My graduate work focused disparity is social systems, peace and conflict studies, trauma–its residual effects on the brain and future response patterns, and how it gets criminalized when left unresolved; and the inhumane treatment of marginalized people at the hands of the carceral state. I am advocate for ending systemic racism, racial capitalism, and all forms of oppression globally. It is imperative we begin creating communities of safety and taking care of one another, while resisting in ways that work to dismantle all systems of oppression. I work daily to build bridges of reconciliation within the hearts of humans, so we may see peace reflected in the world around us.

I spent two semesters abroad during my academic career to immerse myself within a culture experientially. In that way, the people and places became a part of me, as I pray was a mutual exchange between myself and those lands. New horizons of understanding opened, leading me to other ways of BEing, more generative to my Self and the world around me. Each day, I strive to find what gives me joy and how to be useful to the world around me. We, as a collective, exhaust so much energy on what we do not like, or what needs to be shifted in the current paradigm. Yet, we give little attention to intentional solutions or simply put–what we actually do want. I am dedicated to creating pathways of service rooted in the awareness that my own liberation is deeply tied to others’. At the core of every living being, is the ultimate desire to be free. Offering my Self as a conduit, a portal of sorts, here to walk with you as you re-member your own light.

Travel Light Beloveds.

The Great Mother does not take sides. She protects only the balance of life.” ~Avatar