I Am, We Are


Warm currents friends. My name is Kimberly Martin and it is my deepest joy to be in service to and with you.

I have always been akin to the Earth. She is the Mother and has held me in her arms, nurtured me, and carried me as I walked my path. Gaia holds the answers– if we listen, feel, and remember. Nature is the guru; the only teacher; the only medicine. I traveled lifetimes to be here and remember the profound truths that can set us all free. I walked miles to be with her, to touch my hands to her belly, to return and heal. The ancestors called and I have answered.

As an earth spirit, I revere and honor Gaia–the Mother–as if she were me, because she is. I enjoy exploration of ancient cultural practices devoted to goddess/earth worship and valorizing the woman/feminine. As women, we have been severed from our immense potentialities by the male-dominated systems. I find delving into cultural histories pre-dating the patriarchal takeover–ones that once embodied a deep reverence for the Mother/Goddess archetype–forges the reconciliation I need to step into my power as a woman. Further, as a divine individuation of the cosmic whole, I feel the connectivity between myself and every form of sentience around me. I long to hold space for others with the awareness we all share the same life force, and are mere individuations of a cosmic whole. My deepest wish is to dismantle separatist ideologies burdening individual psyches and our collective societies.

Having recently completed my graduate work in Women’s and Gender Studies, like most fresh graduates, I found myself perplexed regarding what was next. I devoted 7 years of my adult life returning to school with only one wish–to build bridges in a divided world, to connect very disconnected and diverse people and communities who would not otherwise engage one another due to cultural barriers and vastly different lived experiences. Very unfortunately, I found within academia that my dreams of healing the world seemed far off and was more often rebutted by elitist academics and radical activists who were overly fixated on differences, theories (opinions) and divisive rhetoric. The energies of academia were less inclined to look at how our individual internal wars and conflicts co-create the world around us. They could debate the current state of worldly imbalance for hours on end, but could not connect the individual conflict with the external wars. And I could no longer participate in the delusion.

Since completing my graduate coursework, I have been doing a lot of whatever I want. While that may seem less than aligned with what society would have me do with all my hard earned “education”, I find myself returning to the beginning. I remember what struck a spark of passion in me from the start…what I ignored in exchange for toxic institutionalization that would leave me in a heap of debt. I am anti-establishment and in being honest with myself, I always have been. I am not a 9-5er, a 40+ hours of work and exhaustion each week kind of human, an assimilationist or hierarchical bullshit supporter. That pretty much limits my options in the work world…but who wants to “work” anyway?

While the rest of the world works, I find what gives me joy, what gifts I have to offer, and how to share them with the world. I create pathways of service where my own freedom and liberation are deeply tied to others’. If you are good at anything, you should be compensated for it. Currency is a gift and ours to receive. Human’s negative relationship to money keeps them from acquiring what they need. Abundance is not something we pray for; it is something we affirm and acknowledge as always being present. This simple shift in awareness can create tidal waves of change in your current financial situation. We are ALWAYS supported. We ALWAYS have enough.

In the meantime, I have immersed myself in learning and understanding sacred plant medicine, returning to my ancestral roots so that I may be of service in facilitating some of those deeply needed ancient wisdoms. I will be undertaking my herbalist training very soon to make it official, although I have been studying the natural world and her wonders in healing for many years now. I cannot wait to share with other seekers and earth spirits who long to return to source–to realign with Gaia’s frequency, with their natural rhythms.

In addition to having my hands in the Earth, I create healing waist beads and other protectorate jewelry out of natural stones and crystals. While we are distracted and disconnected in the current matrix, there are powerful measures we can take to balance the energies of our beings. Wearing the Earth’s jewels around our sacred centers and other energy points can work as a protective force as we engage and absorb malevolent energies and free radicals throughout the day. Ancient civilizations understood this and adorned their bodies for both ritual and day to day protection/balance.

I am also learning to play singing bowls for vibrational healing and re-tuning of the human bio-field. I will get my nationally accredited certification in November. The human body is pure vibration and it needs retuning regularly. I offer sound healing sessions as part of my many alternative healing practices. While I have always loved to dance, I began using creative movement as a means to release stagnant, pent up energies that were binding me to my own traumas. I am extremely active and highly encourage others to do the same, through their physical activity of choice. 

Instead of “scholarly” or “academic” writing, I now free-write and create poetry to express and invoke emotion. Everything I am currently involved in is centered around reconnecting to the Earth, to myself, to our source. And I have honestly never felt more grounded and renewed. It is time to remember the old ways of doing and being, ways that facilitate transformation within and without, ways that nurture and revere the land and Earth that sustains us.

While institutions may be a part of the capitalist corporation, I do appreciate the knowledge that was transmitted to me over the course my academic journey. Having a background in psychology, religious studies and women’s and gender studies, I explored in depth how each worked in tandem with the other. I wanted to understand how the world’s religions and practices influenced the psychology of the people, and how the psychology of the people worked to create social systems and policies that privileged a few and marginalized many. I traveled a number of times to SE Asia both personally and for two study abroad programs during my academic journey. Those experiences opened up new horizons of understanding for me, and led me to know there are other ways to exist that are less destructive to both myself and the world around me.

It is my hope to co-create and support individual paths to holistic wellness that will lead to the collective healing of our world. My approach couples Earth medicine, ancient teachings, and my academic achievements to collaboratively work with humans in balancing the internal sanctum, fostering esteem, shifting self-defeating thought patterns and invoking self-efficacy where motivation is lacking and barriers to success (both internal and external) have stifled growth and development. I hope to do so via the numerous creative and Earth-centered modalities I am currently engaging and expanding on, so we may all return to source and step into our own power.

Love All Ways,


There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. –Shakespeare