In Service

I meet with individuals–spirit meets spirit–to assess their unique needs and desired outcomes from journeying with me. All persons have embodied into human form here to walk their specific individual paths, something we chose to understand experientially long before we showed up in this lifetime.

My approach varies by exploring the holistic realm of your entire being– beliefs, life/past traumas, relationships, perceived obstacles inhibiting personal growth, degrees of happiness, diet and lifestyle habits, and overall wellness. We formulate a collaborative plan of action rooted in reconnection to Earth in order to transcend the current you, and remember who you really are. For example, if a hiking partner and coach is what you need, let’s go hiking! I am a very hands on and engaged practitioner. I would not suggest you do anything, that I will not do with you.

I am honored to share in facilitating ancient wisdoms and naturopathic earth-based healing methodologies. Each facilitation will look different, perfectly designed to meet your particular needs as we walk the path home, you and I, back to you. 

Consultation (30 minutes) 45.00
Single Session (1 Hour) 65.00
3 (1 Hour) Sessions 155.00
6 (1 Hour) Sessions 265.00
10 (1 Hour) Sessions 375.00

Note: If longer commitments are needed, I am more than happy to negotiate a rate that works for both you and I in order to meet your ongoing needs and desired outcomes. My goal is to empower you with certain practices and understandings, so you may reclaim your power, restoring your mind/body/spirit to a holistic place of wellness. In doing so, we change the world together.

Also available for public dialogues, workshop facilitation and/or events centering community and collective healing. Especially interested in topics focusing displaced women, holistic health, trauma and utilizing creative outlets for raising our collective frequencies and vibrations.

It is with great joy I anticipate engaging other kindred spirits in support of holistic wellness and collective healing. I am in service to creating a more beautifully livable world for all. Join with me.

May all sentient beings be safe, loved and free.