One hour of love’s worth a hundred worlds. I have thousands of hearts; here, burn them all. ~ RUMI

I connect with individuals–spirit meets spirit–to assess their unique needs and desired outcomes and how I may best serve them. All persons have embodied into a holy human form to walk their unique paths, something we chose to understand experientially long before showing up in this lifetime.

My approach varies by exploring the holistic realm of your entire being–beliefs, life/past traumas, relationships, perceived obstacles, degrees of happiness, consumption/lifestyle habits, and overall wellness. We formulate a collaborative plan of action rooted in love, honoring one’s Self through reconnection to Earth, and other integrative healing therapies in order to optimize the totality of your human experience. To remember who you really are.

Please submit a contact form (below) detailing the services you feel align with your desire for a more vibrationally aligned human experience.

Now offering remote counseling for anyone in the U.S.

Attuning Sessions:

Holding Hearts (Counseling) $88/55min

Between the Two (Relationship Mediation & Reconciliation) $111/55min

Sound Bath (Vibrational Sound Healing): $44/30min

Portal Tuning (Reflexology: Hands/Feet): $77/60min, $99/90min

Crown Resonance (Craniosacral Alignment): $44/30min

Balance & BE (Energy Alignment): $55/30min

Amplify Your Frequency (Energy Alignment/Reflexology): $88/60min, $111/90min

Form to Formless (Somatic/Energy Alignment, Women Only): $88/60min, $111/90min

Love is the Vibration: (Rumi Reading, Crown Resonance, Reflexology, Energy Alignment, Sound Bath): $122/90min

Note: There is a $25.00 fee for missed appointments, or cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance, that must be handled before rescheduling is available.

I have a charming private location situated in the Guilford College area of Greensboro, NC. You will find the space itself is surrounded by powerful calming energies. Come come. As you are.


 Monday : 10am to 3pm (EST)

Tuesday: 12pm to 7pm (EST)

Wednesday: 10am to 3pm (EST)

Thursday: 12pm to 7pm (EST)

Friday: 11am to 3pm (EST)

Saturday: 12pm to 6pm (EST)

Cash. Venmo. Cashapp. Zelle. All Major Credit cards.

I do not accept/file insurance. Services rendered are 100% out of pocket. However, I accept HSA (Health Savings Plan) cards.

Also available for public dialogues, workshop facilitation and/or events centering community/collective reconciliation and elevation. Especially interested in topics focusing displaced women, integrative wellness, Earth medicine, trauma/informed care, and utilizing creative outlets for aligning our collective frequencies.

It is with great joy I anticipate engaging other kindred spirits in support of integrative wellness and collective reconciliation. I am in service to creating a more beautifully livable world for all. Endless peace and blessings.