Serving Existence


Dedicated to the liberation of all beings. 

I derive great joy in sharing ancient wisdoms and naturopathic earth-based healing methodologies. Each facilitation will look different, perfectly designed to meet your particular needs as we walk the path home, you and I, back to you. 

Please submit a contact form (below) detailing the services you feel align with your desire for a more wholistic human experience.

Now offering remote Love Talks & Guided Elevations for anyone in the U.S.


Love Talks (Emotional/Spiritual/Relational Support) $77/60min

Family Matters (Conflict Mediation + Reconciliation) $111/60min

Guided Elevation (Meditation): $44/30min

Sound Bath (Vibrational Sound Therapy): $44/30 min

Walk About It (Walking Love Talk, Wholistic Support): $77/60min

 Energy Portal Tuning (Reflexology): $77/60min, $99/90min

Crown Resonance (Craniosacral/Scalp Therapy): $44/30min

Yin Yoga Sessions (1 on 1): $44/50min

Let’s Elevate (Energy Work): $55/30min

Amplify Your Frequency (Energy Work/Reflexology): $88/60min, $111/90min

Love Is the Vibration: (Rumi Reading, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Energy Work, Sound Bath): $122/90min

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed massage therapist + do not offer traditional massage as one of my services. 

Note: There is a $25.00 fee for missed appointments, or cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance, that must be handled before rescheduling is available.

 I have a charming private location situated in the Guilford College area of Greensboro, NC. You will find the space itself is surrounded by powerful calming energies. Come come. As you are.



 Monday : 10am to 7pm

Tuesday: 10am to 7pm

Wednesday: 10am to 7pm

Thursday: 10am to 7pm

Friday: 10am to 7pm

Saturday: 11am to 4pm

I have flexible evening + weekend hours for virtual requests to support anyone in the U.S. Just ask!

Cash. Cashapp. Zelle. All Major Credit cards.

Note: I do not work with/bill for insurance. Services rendered are 100% out of pocket. However, I accept Health Savings Plans cards; they charge out like all other credit cards.

Also available for public dialogues, workshop facilitation and/or events centering community/collective reconciliation and elevation. Especially interested in topics focusing displaced women, wholistic wellness, trauma and utilizing creative outlets for aligning our collective frequencies.

It is with great joy I anticipate engaging other kindred spirits in support of wholistic wellness and collective reconciliation. I am in service to creating a more beautifully livable world for all. Travel with me.

May all sentient beings be free.