Coming + Going In Freedom

The idea that we could lose something that never belonged to us…well there’s some perspective. All the things are coming + going in freedom. Be kind + allow them this. 

Accepting that nothing is ever “ours”—as in personally mine, or personally yours. This is where we find peace in mental suffering. In the anguish of our hearts. Everything is borrowed. The elements that worked together to craft us into humans. The air we breathe. The flow of energy shooting up our spine through the crown. The moments that turn to hours. The hours that become the days of our lives. None of it belongs to us. What do we grieve when a thing goes? When we can look around at all the reminders of how life never dies. It’s our ideas that die. The attachments. Our illusions of permanence in a world where the only constant is the Sun that rises each morning. The moon that lights up the night sky. 

If I made a list of all the things I thought I lost this lifetime, it could feel a tad overwhelming. But, when I instead take note of all that I’ve gained with the understanding it was all lent to me for a short while, I find my joy. My gratitude. For all the moments we are afforded here. For how we are eternally supported. Rest in freedom to all the things that have gone, but stayed. They live on in us, around us, for us. Peace friends.

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