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Scholarly Papers/Projects

The Hate U Give: Between Worlds, Cycles of Violence and Representation

Possessing the Secret of Joy: Trauma, Coercion and the Invisible Hand

Sikkim’s Central Rongyek Prison: A ‘Resort’ for Reformation and Rehabilitation

Institutional Inhumanity: Punishment Fit For a Crime

Tantra and Sex Rites: A Vehicle for Enlightenment, Liberation and Valorization for Women?

The Psychology Behind Social Stigmas Towards Ex-Offenders: How Experience, Environment and Values Color Attitudes Towards Criminality

The Burden and Consequence of Manhood

Masculinity: An Interpretive Dance

Mother-Son Relationships and Their Impact on Adult Male Capacity for Intimacy

Sexual Abuse: A Psychological Perspective

A Woman’s Place in Pilgrimage

Women in Early Mysticism

A Haven for Women in a Displaced Space

The Fallacy of Forgiveness

UNC Greensboro Women’s and Gender Studies Program 2017-2018 Annual Newsletter

Journalism Coverage

(University of North Carolina Women’s and Gender Studies Program Events 2017-2019)

“The Mind of a Man: Finding Self in the Age of Toxic Masculinity”, 4/25/2019

“Herstory: The Use of Womanism as an Epistemological Lens to Explore Sexual Health Risks and Lived Experiences of Women of Color in College”, 4/8/2019

“Feminism and Incarceration”, 2/12/2019

Race and the University: Immigration Now, 11/26/2018

“Between Transits and Genders: Performance and Affect as Social Resistance” (Lia La Novia Sirena), 11/8/2018

“Screening Racialized France: Immigration, Discrimination, and Citizenship in Contemporary French Cinema” (Dr. Cybelle McFadden), 3/27/2018

“Ecofeminisms”, 1/25/2018

“The Institution As Usual” (Dr. Sara Ahmed), 11/13/2017

“Challenging White Supremacy”, 9/11/2017

Conferences/Panel Participation

Assemblages: Anti-Oppression Works Annual Research Symposium, Women’s and Gender Studies UNC Greensboro, March 29th, 2019. (Co-organized and Presented)

“Respect Ya Self”, UNC Greensboro, October 2018. (Guest Speaker, Facilitator)

Assemblages: Anti-Oppression Works Annual Research Symposium, Women’s and Gender Studies UNC Greensboro, April 20th, 2018. (Co-organized and Presented)

Mass Incarceration: The Effects On Women and Children, YMCA Highpoint, NC, February 20th, 2018. (Guest Speaker/Panelist)