What should Fellow Travelers know about pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?

I offer median pricing for most of the services I provide. Energy is an exchange. While I would love to have the privilege to sustain my own life while serving others outside of a transactional basis, it is simply not possible. Much of my awareness + gifts have been hard earned discoveries. However, offerings are intended to be all-inclusive. I am honored to work with persons who need financial assistance. Just email me.

What is your typical process for working with a new traveler?

I ask they submit a request form via my website or shoot an email to gaiafrequency@protonmail.com sharing their contact information, as well as specific needs and desired outcomes they hope to address by inviting me along their journey.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your Service?

I have a Bachelor’s of Psychology and Religious Studies. Additionally, I have traveled and studied in SE Asia over the past 7 years to hone and expand my gifts and practices in support of collective reconciliation and elevation. I completed my graduate work in May 2019 with a Master’s of Women’s and Gender Studies where I explored the nuances of trauma and it’s impact on the human condition and the societies we exist in. I have worked closely with men in the private sector around standards of masculinity, the burden of gendered roles, and their adult capacity for intimacy for over 15 years.

How did you get started doing this type of service?

I spent the last 13 years endeavoring to reconcile my own traumas, expand my spiritual awareness + understanding, and overall holistic wellness. It took me back to academia for a second career as an adult student. I wanted to understand how the psychology of the people was influenced by religion and social systems, and how the three work together to benefit a few and marginalize many. After completion of my academic journey, I came to understand that external conflicts are a result of individual imbalances that trickle out into societies as war and disease, creating general unrest of the collective. We have a world of broken hearts. We call them crazy, when in fact people are wounded.  It is my wish to be of service to those who need their hearts held, or support around wholistic wellness, so that we can collectively elevate as a society.

What types of Travelers have you worked with?

I have done a great deal of work with the masculine complex, the “Boy Box” and impossible and harmful standards we hold as a society in gender specific ways. Additionally, I am a trauma specialist and devoted my life and academic career to understanding the many layers of trauma (unresolved) and how it manifests in both the individual and our collective society. Much of my most recent work has focused women who have survived sexual abuses, while exploring ways to transform their wounds into medicine and use them as gifts to heal themselves and the world around them.

What advice would you give a Traveler looking to hire a Fellow Sojourner in your area of work?

I feel it is important to inquire into a provider’s person to discern if their energy truly aligns with whatever desired outcomes you may be seeking in terms of reconciliation, growth, elevation and overall conscious expansion. It should extend beyond what credentials a person may have. They should challenge you even, give rise to some resistance in you. That’s how you identify a true “teacher”. Someone who will call all your cracks to the table and hold your heart while you look at them. I have included both my academic work and my personal blog to give friends a closer look into how I perceive and respond to the world. I share an honest reflection of who I am + what sets my soul on fire through my writing and work. My instagram profile is also public if you wish for a more intimate experience of my day to day.

What questions should travelers Feel through before talking to professionals about their personal goals?

  • What is most important to you when choosing someone to entrust with your heart, vulnerabilities and overall wellness to?
  • What are your desired outcomes or personal goals in seeking the support of a professional?
  • What are your traumas/wounds?
  • What are you willing to look more closely at in order to reconcile/transmute them?
  • Are you ready and willing to do the work to cut to the root so you can move forward and step into your divine birthright as a sovereign being here on Earth?
  • What personal knowledge/experience/desires do you bring to the table to assist in co-creating a course of action that supports your short and long-term goals?