The Path


Earth Medicine Practitioner

Facilitating Holistic Wellness Through Communion of Spirits, Reconnection to Earth & Other Ancient Healing Practices

Do you ever just feel heavy, disconnected, unexplainably saddened, infinitely anxious about the state of things, physically not well in your body, emotionally unbalanced or flat out exhausted? We all do, because we are all sharing the same energy field, and let’s be honest–currently, it is beyond unstable and far from sustaining of us at a holistic level.

What can we do aside from acknowledging we have created this energy minefield and start collectively working to repair it? Maybe you think one person is insignificant, that one small change is meaningless in the bigger scheme of things. And what if you were wrong and need only remember the force that you are, how very important your particular vibration is to the ongoing equilibrium of the whole. And what if everyone woke up to this awareness and shifted their lifestyle habits and patterns? What if?

It really does start with one–you–an individuation of the whole. How much time do you spend outdoors versus the time you engage technology each day? Do you ever touch your feet to the ground, your bare skin to the Earth? When is the last time you just sat to take in the wonders of the natural world? Nature is the guru of all gurus. All seeking and answers are revealed and understood through engaging nature and close observation. Stillness and deep listening–things multiple daily life distractions keep us from.

Our bodies are made for movement, but the technological revolution has replaced much of our previous day to day exercise, while we spend more hours sitting each day than is healthy for a body made to move. Our once required daily exertion and physical labors have been replaced with a need for gyms and trainers. And why did we stop dancing?? The one freeform ecstatic movement that ancient civilizations understood was paramount to maintaining the body’s natural rhythms, is somehow lost as we grow up. Women specifically, need this form of movement to awaken our creative centers. There is NO better way to restore harmony on an energetic level, than to release all the malevolent energies that bind you through creative movement and dance.

What do you put in your temple? You are aware it is a garbage in, garbage out process, right?? Did you know plant-based diets can completely balance and harmonize your vibration, your essence–your whole being? They can prevent disease and aid the process of healing when disease has manifested. Were you aware of how in eating meat, you take in the dead, traumatized energy of that animal? You are eating death in a sense, killing your own life force little by little. On an energetic level, that has ENORMOUS effects on what manifests in your body as illness. Beyond health debates about meat versus plants, be aware you are contributing to catastrophic destruction and exploitation of the Earth, globally, when you support animal agriculture. The world that sustains us is being decimated. Humans were sent here to be divine templars of this realm, and we have failed.

There are so many shifts, on a micro and macro level, the “individual” can make to improve upon their physical, emotional and energetic/spirit bodies. Most of them center reconnection to the Earth, a reverence for the land and your temple, and other ancient earth-based practices that were far more sustainable than those of our current human sojourners. It is time for us to return to source–Gaia–to the heart of who and what we are. It is time to touch our hands to the Earth and call upon her to restore balance and harmonize the frequencies within and around us. I offer my guidance and support in this process and journey with you, when you are ready to remember, to come home.

Welcome. I am honored to be in service to you, and full of joy you chose to take the path home with me.

The essence of all beings is earth. The essence of earth is water. The essence of water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being. –Chandogya, Upanishads

** Coming Spring 2020: Reflexology and Healing Touch **