A Path


It is time to listen more deeply to the harmonies of the universe and to find our way into it. To honor our intuitive heart. To find that balance between heart and mind. Between form and formless. It is time to realize we are love. And to allow ourselves to feel that we are love. And to accept the power that gives us to become instruments of that which is good in the universe. —Baba Ram Dass

 Sound Familiar??

Feeling Heavy or Overwhelmed | Disconnected |  Energetically Zapped | Emotionally Unbalanced | Unexplainably Saddened | Hopelessly Helpless | Anxious | Physically Not Well | Trouble Identifying One’s Life Purpose | Relationship Struggles | Spiritually Depleted or “Lost” | Unresolved Trauma | Trust Issues

Given the world as we are currently experiencing it, we all likely share in some of these same personal and larger concerns. What can we do aside from acknowledging we have created this energy minefield and begin the collective work of rebalancing it? How and where do we find our joy in the quiet spaces, the liminal spaces, within the halls of a cracked heart? 

It begins with you–an individuation of the whole. What we see in our external world is a direct reflection of what is going on in the human heart space. There are so many shifts the “individual” can make to elevate and integrate their physical, emotional and energetic/spirit bodies. Most of them center reconnection to the Earth, a reverence for the land and your temple, and other ancient earth-based practices that were far more sustainable than those of our current human sojourners. It requires an openness, an accountability, an intentionality…every single day. I am here to hold you to that greatness, to the highest version of the Self you can envision. To re-mind you how to honor what is Divine within you. 

It is time for us to return to Source, to the Beloved–to the heart of who and what we are. It is time to touch our hands to the Earth and call upon her to restore balance and harmonize the frequencies within and around us. Let us travel together.


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