Sun is God.

I get so tickled when I hear the old wive’s tale that claims cold weather makes you sick, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. What is actual, is that our aspect to the Sun has shifted while the Earth’s axis has titled away during the winter months. What this means is that our natural sunlight intake is significantly lower during this period of the year, making our Vitamin D levels drop to levels that compromise our immune systems. Not only that, people stay cooped up in their overly heated homes/workspaces (heat breeds germs) + fail to get those needed blasts of fresh air that keep our systems functioning optimally. 

When you can’t swallow the sun per se’, it is essential you take natural supplements to offset the deficiencies in the body during the winter months due to a lack of appropriate sun exposure. “The essence of all beings is earth. The essence of earth is water. The essence of water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being.” —Chandogya, Upanishads

What this means, is that essentially human beings are living plants in terms of what is required for us to grow + thrive. Vitamin D with the highest amount of IUs (preferably 5000), as well as others like Oil of Oregano, Blackseed Oil, Sea Moss, + various mushroom compounds to give your immune systems the drastic boost required to work in service to your health during the winter months. And please, make sure you are getting enough cold blasts of air into your lungs, living + workspaces to keep them refreshed with new life/energy. 

Last, even when it’s cold, find a windows or space in your home or workspace during peak hours of the day to simply sit in direct sunlight. 10-20 minutes daily can change lives, in all the ways. The warmth on my face re-minds me I am loved at the highest of levels. Sun is God.

Stay light lovely humans. 🤲🏼🤍

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