What’s Your Frequency?

Love is the Vibration is my most popular frequency healing session. It incorporates all of my offerings into one 90 minute experience. After a short consultation regarding any concerns or areas a client wishes me to focus on, I open with a RUMI reading. Then we move into a light facial massage and craniosacral therapy, followed by reflexology.

During the process, I’m actively working to draw out any vibrations not serving one’s optimal wellness. It has been said my hands are magic, but in truth, what a client experiences is love pouring out through my fingertips in reverence for their overall balanced being. Anyone who knows my healing hands, knows. Once the somatic work is complete, I move into clearing the energy centers with a ritual only known to me. Hence, I cover a client’s eyes so they may drift off into their inner world, totally transcending the distractions of any external stimulations. 

I close with vibrational sound therapy tying it all together, harmonizing the body’s energy centers once they’ve been opened. The effects of this session are not always felt entirely/immediately, until days later. Often someone may feel a residual heaviness the following day given they experienced a total catharsis of energy the day prior. Imagine having liposuction all over the body to remove excess fat. Those who have undergone this will tell you they felt like they’ve been hit by a truck the next day, completely wiped out physically. It’s the same energetically when you undergo this type of energy healing making it all the more important to stay hydrated afterwards (+ always), also being mindful of one’s environment or any compromising energies, as you are far more sensitive for the following few days after this particular session. 

I want to thank one of the kindest little lights I’ve ever met and had the pleasure to work with for driving all the way from VA to visit me yesterday. She started as a virtual counseling client a year ago. It was a sweet serendipity to connect with her in person after all this time. Bless your whole life for allowing me to hold your spirit in my hands. Choose well. Be well.

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