No Goals.

I’ve been thinking a lot less about what I want to do or change (future oriented), and more about what I am being right here, right now. How will memory hold me when ‘I’ transcend this place? But mostly—who I AM being. Right here. Right now. 

Am I soft enough? Am I surrendering or controlling? Am I vulnerable or manipulative? Am I loving well, my Self and others? Am I joyful, experiencing joy? Am am grateful—in awe + appreciation of life, on life’s terms? Am I useful to a moment? Comforting to those in need of comfort? Does my existence add on to the whole? 

Am I breathing well? Nourishing my mind, body, and spirit, so I may meet others in a generative way, at the level of spirit. Is my heart ever-expanding or contracting? 

Does my presence add beauty? Reflect the light as needed? Embody the ‘dark’ sufficiently when called? Is my experience in this life, confined to this form, essentially balanced; that I may experience the highest version of something greater than I can imagine at the level of mind? Am I open enough to receive all that is for me?

Am I writing to bring forth what’s in me for the greater good, because it’s my gift? I hope so. 

May we all simply relax into our being-ness. Not complacent, but accepting our selves, as ourselves. Giving our selves grace. Less striving. Less judgment. Less consuming. Less, less, and less. And more. Life. Right here. Right now. No goals. 2023 and on. 

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  1. I love this. I’m tired of it. Always trying to do better. I just want to be in this moment and experience this day. Be proud of what I’ve done and move onto the next. I love you.


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