9th Wonder of the World

Meet the 9th wonder of the world. No better day to share her miracle journey. A year ago, February 19th, 2021, a vet told me she had cancer, a collapsed lung + was fighting an infection. They more or less said she had no more than a few days to live. There was an air of hinting towards putting her to sleep, given she was pushing 14 years of age. Looking back, I see now why so many people fall victim to misplaced trust in doctors, vets + the idea that we should simply “trust the science” without question. In our most vulnerable moments, they capitalize off our fears, illness + death. The U.S “HeLLth” system is not set up for us to win, let alone have a quality of longevity in life.

This dog has been a far greater companion to me than any human to date. I refused the vet’s suggestions + the notion I should prepare to give up on her without a fight. After doing extensive research, because it’s what I do, I learned that even dogs who go through chemotherapy only have an extended life span of 3-6 months, not to speak of whatever quality of life they have after rigorous treatments that work to break the body down under the guise of “fighting cancer”. Unlike humans, their cancers don’t go into remission. Instead of “fighting” the cancer, research revealed many ways to treat the body to live with the cancer, to boost the immune system to do what it is intelligently designed to do by special high vibrational diets + herbal compounds that work in tandem to keep the body at an optimal frequency while existing with a thing, rather than using all it’s energy to “fight” a thing. Energetically, what you resist persists.

For all you pet/dog lovers, I used CBD oil (specific to dogs), various mushroom compounds (also specific to dogs) + a vitamin regimen specific to boosting the immune system. Over the course of the year, she had a couple of rough days every 6-8 weeks, then every 4-6 weeks. Currently, we are down to every couple of weeks–not uncommon to many older living beings. On those days, I use a ginger/water solution for her nausea (also the most powerful natural antibiotic under the Sun). Once it passes, I keep her hydrated by syringe + assisted feeding pureed food. Occasionally, I use Pedialyte to boost her electrolytes when she’s not ready to keep solids down. This process lasts anywhere from 2-3 days as I nurse her back to balance. When I catch her in the cat food, I know she’s back with me + my assignment is not quite up. 

I wanted to share this with everyone, for a few reasons. Number one, those doctors + vets will take your last dime + your pet’s life if you let them, never factoring in the will of a being to survive, or the intelligence of a bodily system to do what it is designed to do. A whole added year she has been with me, with a super quality of life on her good days. Number two, we have to ask ourselves why we give up so easily + put them to sleep under the premise of alleviating their suffering, when in fact it’s really to relieve our own of the task to care for them they way they need to be cared for in their geriatric years. I have witnessed in her what most would call a miracle. We have not been to a vet a single time since the day they told me she was “sick”. Number three, what does this mean for humans who place so much value in what doctors say is necessary when they find cancerous cells in the body? The truth is we all have cancerous cells in our bodies. While some cases are sadly too far gone once discovered + diet/lifestyle changes are simply not enough to slow or shift the progression of dis-ease, how many cases could be handled in the same manner I handled my dog’s case. Our systems are not so different. They have the same life force, the same creative intelligence + the same will to survive that humans do. In many ways, her journey has been a bit of an experiment, but according to the doctors, I had nothing to lose but her, eventually.

Every day since, has not been the day her or I were ready for that kind of finality. And of course, the power of love is immeasurable. The question really is, how far are you willing to go for what you love? What is the depth of your heart? Love is the medicine of all medicines. I am eternally grateful for her continued presence + all that I have learned watching her resilience, nursing her + bearing witness to the magic of an enduring love that transcends all reason, and “science”. 

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