Pills to Swallow

The sum of the past 3 years. I believe cycles happen in 3’s. I imagine my vision is so pointed + sharp by now, certainly I am well-prepared for whatever comes next. Two of the most valuable takeaways I gained this year came through my dearest friend. They are—

1) We are all here having our own experience. Nothing anyone does is about you, as much as you try to make it about you, or wish it was about you, or internalize it as yours. Let that shit go. You must. Extend grace. It’s for you, not them. 

2) No one owes you anything. Not to live or move according to your ideas. Not to reciprocate what they just might not have the energetic or emotional capacity to reciprocate. Not even an apology. You let your own self down by holding on to an idea, or preferred outcome, or expectation. Let them go if they must go. Hold them close if they hold you back. In all the ways. Above all, stay in your heart. 

Sometimes life takes so much from us, we feel we have reached our capacity for processing it all. Just when you think you’ve had all you can bear, one more thing comes. And goes. And it must. Because it was a necessary part of you aligning with a final lesson, one you actually called to experience + innerstand at the level of spirit, long before you arrived here. 

I am eternally grateful for this year + all the moving pieces + players that made it what it was. My dog survived well beyond all odds. My first grandSun came Earthside. My children are all healthy. I am alive + wake up another day to try again. In the meantime, we just keep doing our best with what we have + where we are. If you can lay down at night + close your eyes knowing in your heart you did your best that day, certainly that’s all any of us can truly manage. If perhaps you realize you fell short; well hopefully there’s a tomorrow for you to try again. Peace + infinite blessings to all. 

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