High Vibes + Company

A month ago today, a vet told me my companion wasn’t going to make it; that she had such an elevated white blood count due to some type of cancer she didn’t expect her to last long. The vet basically insinuated I give up on her since she is already 13+ and at minimum, to prepare myself for her assumed soon to be deterioration. She offered a referral to an oncologist, of course. People who prey on other people’s sensitivities, specifically ones who over extend trust to medical professionals. The worst kind of capitalists. 

Any who—as a holistic wellness practitioner, I could do no less than treat the longest companion of my life outside of siblings and children, with the same care/regimen I would any human. She’s been far less disappointing than most humans, so of course she deserves a quality of life to the very end…whenever that may come. Rather than “treat” the cancer; we are boosting her immune system daily to allow her body to fight the cancer itself. She’s on all natural fruits, veggies, chicken, Tumeric, 2 mushroom compounds, nutraceuticals (for immunity), and CBD Oil. I sauté her food in flaxseed oil. And because she deserves it, I order her our favorite Gajar Halwa (the most delicious carrot-based Indian dessert) every few days. 

So here we are 30 days later and she is vibing high. She had one bad day with a low grade fever only. Otherwise, she’s more vibrant and stronger than most dogs her age; showing no signs of deteriorating in the least. 

Realistically, I know she won’t last forever. She’s going on 14. But I wanted to share this with other pet owners, or humans even who have or know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. We boost the immune system, manage with high vibrational diets, and add in special plant based herbs to do the healing work. The living system is intrinsically intelligent. There are many ways to skin a cat. Just don’t let those doctors/vets out there skin your bank accounts, and rob you or your pets of wholistic alternatives to a better quality of life. Cancer or no cancer. This “Lil Mama” said she’s not done yet.

By the way, pet food companies, specifically dog and cat food, are capitalizing off branding and convenience at the expense of your pets. If it comes in a bag, processed in nuggets, it all has cancer causing agents in the ingredients. Your pets should be eating natural foods just like us. Just a little preventative care advice. 

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