“Walk About It”

I did something completely new and innovative with a counseling client today. I want to offer it to everyone! My work is rooted in reconnection to the Earth; in reconciliation, integration, and total elevation of the human experience. So let’s hit the Greenway and walk about it, while we talk about it!! My client and I walked 2.5 miles before the hour was up at a steady pace without even realizing it. 

We are tackling so much in that hour. Being in your body. Releasing pent up energy and emotion. Processing whatever you bring with you for the day that needs looking at more closely. All the while, letting the Mother do her own special magic on your entire frequency. Who doesn’t need a walking partner, wholistic guidance/support and the motivation to get outdoors and soak up all the Earth medicine freely available to us?? 

Taking it outside is more than 50% of the work. I tell people this all the time. And now I’ll do it with you while holding your hearts (weather permitting). Come please. There is no challenge. No goal or competition. We go at your own pace. Let’s “Walk About It” together! 

Don’t forget there is still a 22% discount on any service offering through the end of March for the women!! 

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