Gratitude Changes Everything

When I am grateful I find my grace. 🌼

Admittedly it has been painful to witness the horrors occurring within Myanmar, but even more so the global lack of appropriate response. Meanwhile girls are being abducted from their schools by the hundreds in Nigeria by terrorist groups. There is an ethnic genocide occurring in Ethiopia. The people of Hong Kong have been under the terror of their genocidal premier dictator for the past year. Yemen is a war zone, and children are being caught in the crossfire. Black, Brown and Indigenous people globally are still fighting for racial justice and equality. Basically the world is a dumpster fire if you pay attention. 

So how to remain balanced within your own heart and mind when you wish to hold the entire world, but realize you can do but so much? Start with gratitude. It’s the most powerful prayer. Send it out to the world. Envision the places and people you wish to see free and unharmed at peace. Feel it in your heart and imagine it for every sentient being on the planet. Let that energy reverberate out into the cosmos. It may feel like such a small thing. But in fact it’s huge. World changing actually. Stay in your hearts without losing your balance. Compassion includes holding your own heart as well. A note to self and others. 

Personally, I am beyond grateful for the beautiful beings who reign me back in when I am overwhelmed with grief. I am grateful for my loving guardians in this realm—my children and animals. I am grateful for the life breath that fills my temple each morning and another day to try again. I am grateful for sustenance, safety and shelter. I am grateful for the wild, the sun and the moon. I am grateful for a night sky full of stars reminding me the ancestors once braved this life and the reminder it will soon be over. We have such a short time here to make a difference. To leave a legacy. To hold one another. Make it count. Each moment. Travel light beloveds. And remember to say thank you. For all of it.

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