Yourself, As Your Self.

Can God Offend God? 👁

Ask yourself, your Self beyond this idea of “self”…Is there anything that is not God??

I see/hear people in spiritual communities suggesting, “This isn’t the way,” or, “That isn’t the spiritual path.” People striving to be like someone else, some other ideal of ancient past. The past is merely a pointer. Not the way or direction.

Why not be your Self? Chart a new path. Sculpt a new experience. Make it exciting maybe? Osho, one of the greatest beings to ever actually LIVE, said, “Live dangerously.” On the very edge of your optimal potential to experience yourself as your Self. To not deny anything, but rather to re-arrange + get to the very center of one’s energy. To walk in unbridled freedom. 

God has already experienced itself, as itself, in the ancient embodiments societies try to rekindle. Beings they deify. Without realizing their own current individuated divinities. Why deny yourself of your Self, in pursuit of some false narrative that suggests there is anything that isn’t God? 

Are we really that self-loathing? Self torturous? So narrow-“minded” to imagine anything in this physical world being less than Godly?  I impel you greater inquiry into the true nature of reality. Beyond your limited understanding. Return to the root of your soul beloveds. Let no one suggest you, or anything for that matter, less than you are. God incarnate in your holy human form. Peace. 

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