Yin Things

It’s not about a perfect body, but a perfect practice.

Yin Yoga is a seated practice, holding asanas for up to five minutes. I use this practice for myself and others, specific to healing and integrating traumas that we tend to hold in the lower parts of our bodies and chakral system. At minimum, it serves to release low vibrations and disturbances in one’s frequency that we attract day to day. And, it’s a pause for the nervous system, improving upon overall wellness, as well as flexibility.

Women especially, hold trauma in their hips. This practice is sacred for me. Deeply personal, forcing one into vulnerability in ways we tend to push away and resist. It is about sitting in the uncomfortableness. Rooting into your fears. Pushing beyond and feeling into the pain so deeply that you are no longer afraid. It’s a falling and breathing into those spaces where we feel stuck, energetically, and physically. Most importantly, it’s about letting go. I cannot begin or end a day without carving out time and space to hold myself as myself, within this powerful transformative practice.

Now offering private Yin Yoga instruction, in person and virtually. See “Offerings” page for more details. Come, let’s feel and release together. Love All Ways.

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