Love Is the Vibration

What is this exactly? To begin, it is a combination of my individual integrative services into one 90 minute session. All my work is done on the floor, purposely to hold space for your grounding, rooting in, and forced stillness. 

I open with a sweet RUMI Reading, moving into the Craniosacral therapy. From there, I begin the Reflexology; starting with the hands, and on to the feet. After focusing to extract all the lower vibrational energies from your frequency that are not serving your optimal wellness, I work to open and balance each chakra point. In order to integrate your complete human bio-field into balanced harmony, I end with a Sound Bath using crystal quartz singing bowls and a Kalimba. I am currently working to incorporate additional instruments into my vibrational sound therapy medicine bag.

All of this is done in love, from my heart to yours. The power of healing touch is immeasurable. Masks worn at all times. Hands washed upon arrival. Asking that no one schedule if experiencing cold-like symptoms of any kind, a temperature, or having been exposed to Covid. Currently only taking 3 appointments per day, spacing them out with an hour between each to air out my workspace and sanitize with sage & bleach. 

No one else in the area provides this service. My work as a conduit for your elevated wellness is unmatched. The temple of my heart serves as a safe space and reprieve from the chaos of the world. It is an honor & joy to be of service in raising the collective vibration. Please gift yourself or a loved one this holiday season with the ultimate self-care package.  This session is $122/90min. I also offer any one of these integrative therapies singularly. You may find me on Google or Thumbtack (where I have 5 stars reviews across the board). 

Come as you are. Let me infuse your entire being with love.

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