The Return

It is time all beings tapped into the wellspring of power associated with their divine feminine aspects. To heal a world so fractured and depleted, all beings must root into those parts of themselves they have long been taught to suppress, for whatever reason. The world is not well. And I’m telling you why. 

We all harbor within us both light and dark, feminine and masculine, and all things in between. Get comfortable feeling into that softer side. That most vulnerable part of yourself. That compassionate and loving aspect that will not allow for the misuse of power, destruction and war. The real war is inside you. Begin there, looking into the most wounded aspects of your heart, and watch the world around you evolve. 

To truly elevate the planet and all living beings, to liberate each and every form of sentience, we must return to the feminine aspects that allowed for our existence. To the Great Mother that sustains us. To the source of all things. She is in you. All you have to do is welcome her. Embrace her. Make friends with her. Marry her. 

I work with clients to identify those parts of themselves that have been shut off & hidden away either through socialization, trauma, and/or fears around standards of how they are “expected” to show up in the world. Men & women alike. I understand the world may not have allowed you to feel safe. This is why I am here.

If your arms have been ripped off, how can you be expected to hold the world with care, least of all with love? How can you hold yourselves? I just want to give you back your arms. To re-mind you that truth resides in the heart. Come as you are. Always accepting new clients. Peace sweet ones. Infinite love.

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