Revolution Collective

Now that I have your attention, I wish to speak to a few things that are disturbing not only to myself, but to the collective frequency. It’s no secret we are living in challenging times. The social climate is anything but peace. What I want to remind everyone is that the Earth itself was founded on opposing forces.

We, as humans, were created by those same opposing forces coming together in perfect union. Do you think these forces were calling one another names? Edging one another out? Reacting to every slight or misunderstanding? Do you think anything grand was ever created by perpetuating divide and chaos?

The revolution cannot be reactionary, and reactionary will never win the revolution. The way we police one another is gross. No bridges can be built for the collective to walk across if we cannot pause, reflect, and better respond to the things that cause angst and confusion to rise up within us. I see and hear a lot of what people are tired of, can’t do, and won’t do anymore. My questions to all of you are: What CAN you do? What WILL you do? Do you yourself even have a clear vision of what it is you wish to see in the world, in your own life as a reflection maybe? I suggest we start there and drop the divisive rhetoric and attitudes. It won’t win wars, let alone save the day.

I am for peace. I am for freedom. I am for the happiness and sustainability of the entire planet and every manner of sentience. Be mindful when the devils rise up to create discord and divide; within you and without. Ask yourself the next time you open your mouth, or post something—am I acting to unite the collective, or am I myself acting as a devil?

Love all ways. 🖤

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