If you ask 98% of humans globally, what it is they want most in life, they will tell you they want peace. Yet, the vast majority of them have absolutely no idea how to attain it. 

The most profound thing I took away from this year so far was told to me by someone of supreme understanding, someone I hold in the highest regard. He said, “Peace is the absence of confusion.” He went on to explain the nature of the “devil”; that they come disguised as everything you ever thought you wanted/needed. They come in all shapes. Sizes. Manners and forms. Colors. 

Their existence depends on creating chaos. Divide. Confusion. Internally. And externally.  They show up to reflect back to you where your wounds still bleed. The cracks of your heart that need holding closer. The pain in your cellular memory of all the remembrances your mind rather forget. They are valuable in that way. Angels. Devils. Demons and the like. They are all the same. 

Look a little closer at the energies in your day to day. Are they elevating? Or are they devils who just want to play? To trigger you. To throw you off balance? So you can find it again. 

I am infinitely grateful to the God who shared this perfectly simplified understanding with me. It has been my compass since he uttered the words. Let it be yours.

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