Challenge Accepted

fullsizeoutput_357cThere is a black and white challenge circulating on social media between women in support of one another, tasking us to post a black and white photo of ourselves. I was tagged by a sweet being, and felt my response was worthy to share here as well. Much of my work centers the wounds of our inner children, how to resolve them and integrate our tiniest selves within the evolved selves we are today. How to transform our wounds into medicine. It is a great task for some. Being supported by women is deeply important, while scary, for someone who carries the mother wounds, who struggles deeply with a matter of women not always supporting women. 

I chose this picture in honor of where I began, who I came into this realm as, before life happened. Wherever I go, however I may grow, this sweet little nugget walks with me. Many unhealed versions of her creep in and dictate how I respond to life from time to time. In that way, she is always playing, sometimes in joy, but at times from a destructive void of sadness. 

Often, our actions as adults are born of our unspoken truths. Of our unhealed traumas. The ones we carry in our bodies, from being this many years old. Now when she dances, it is with the same spirit of light she played in as a child. And when she rages, silently or with flair, she screams from this little girl’s cords for all the times her cries as a child fell on deaf ears. For all the times an unhealed mother could not hold her in the ways a child should be held; for all the ways this mother herself was not held. 

I am in a forever process of working to heal those wounds, to unlearn and remember—for myself and all women. We all are really. I work to reconcile this tiny little starseed with the woman I am today, so we may walk together in peace. In love. In safety. In the light we came from. With the light we are meant to blanket this realm in. Today, let us not only honor & support other women, but also those wounded little girls within us. The ones who understand what being born in this world as us means. The ways in which only we can understand. Let us remember her. Hold her. Hold one another.

And as you can see, this same little light being within me still keeps close her most relied upon guardians of this realm and the spirit realm. Peace to all the divine women across the globe. Keep giving life and elevating the frequency. You are deeply adored.


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