A War on People: Black, Brown & Indigenous People

My beautiful siSTAR and favorite human (pictured above) can’t make it any clearer for you.

Sure all lives matter.

But all lives have not been under siege for centuries.

There hasn’t been a war on all bodies, all minds, or all spirits.

All lives haven’t been enslaved, or their ancestors enslaved.

All lives didn’t build a country for free to continue being shit on by a white supremacist capitalist system.

All lives aren’t out here dying in the streets at the hands of the police.

US prisons are not predominantly filled by all lives.

Housing doesn’t discriminate against all lives.

Employers don’t have to uphold Affirmative Action policies to make sure all lives have gainful employment.

All lives aren’t criminalized on sight for the color of their skin.

All lives don’t have to go out into the world and experience countless daily micro-aggressions rooted in racism.

All lives need to sit down, LISTEN, and make central the experiences and voices of BLACK LIVES. Right here. Right now. And forever going forward.

To my spiritual community and friends—this is not just a “war on consciousness”. This is in fact a race war because it’s rooted in racism–created and maintained to support power and greed. We are here. On this plane, walking with our brothers and sistars who need our solidarity and recognition of their felt pain. No more spiritual bypassing. No more with this “all lives matter” rhetoric, “we are all one”, or your fragile white responses. It is deeply hurtful and dismissive of Black lives and other POC’s experiences.

You are being called to come down from your supreme consciousness highs, and stand in solidarity, in the trenches with BIPOC and stop bypassing the painful realities of those lives; to sacrifice some of your own power and privilege to assist in a collective rising; to stop suggesting your assumed superior consciousness will dismantle white supremacy. You are the part of that same white supremacist capitalist system. It will take you waking up and no longer buying into a system white people have disproportionately benefited from.

There is an ongoing war on people and it has BEEN that way for centuries. Wake up. Please wake up. May we walk each other home, and may the revolution blaze on.

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