Holistic Wellness…What They Won’t Tell You.

1cab1327-c5a3-4d36-9714-b24ac95feab7Pic: Himalayas-- Sikkim, India

“Modern medicine, for all its advances, only knows 10% of what your body instinctively knows” (Deepak Chopra). They won’t tell you this of course. What they will do is create every humanly conceivable distraction in the world meant to keep us disconnected from our bodies, our intuitive abilities and our innate self-healing powers. They will convince you that you inherit disease, without telling you that your body does not in fact inherit anything more than predispositions and lifestyle habits. They will do this in support of growing and maintaining the corporation—what is commonly understood as the United States. Which if you haven’t figured out by now, is an industry for profit, and has absolutely nothing to do with your individual, or collective, holistic well-being. They literally facilitate your sickness, your dependency, your death, and even your after death experience. Let that sink in.

After being a medical assistant for years and having a front row seat to all the ways state sanctioned healthcare worked in tandem with Big Pharma, which conspires with insurance companies, coupled with the vicious cycle of sickness and false dependency humans have as a result of the two, I began looking into Ayurvedic and natural homeopathic ways of maintaining my body’s natural equilibrium. Between researching and learning the last ten years, and doing field work in SE Asia over the last 6, I came to understand how the psychology of the individual affects the physical/physiological responses of the body (manifestations of illness); which in turns determines the spiritual aspect of the human experience. These three aspects of what it means to be human work together to create a homeostatic state, or not. If even one is unbalanced, they are all unbalanced. Illness of the body is equal to unbalance in the body.

The medical world wants to one—give you synthetic harmful substances and two—slap a bandaid on a manifestation of your imbalance, and three—only address one aspect of your imbalance. And you never reach a level of holistic wellness that will keep you out of their clutches. Rather than looking deeper into the root cause of your imbalance, they have you empty your bank accounts on “FDA approved” pills and such, doctors visits and health insurance. They won’t tell you to assess your emotional state; take stock of your current daily life patterns and practices; look at your life’s unresolved traumas and how all this works to create and enhance the imbalances. If we were to not only look at and understand the imbalances, but do the work to resolve and balance them, we would have more money; more health (holistically speaking); more overall happiness; more peace in the world. More of everything you can imagine good that we all say as a society we wish to experience.

I spent the last seven years in the academic world to understand all these layers at a “scholarly” level (which also supports the Corporation unfortunately). Outside of that, I was on more personal spiritually driven journey towards holistic wellness which took me on the path of sacred plant medicines, plant-based diets and naturally derived skin care and environmental products that support our body’s natural rhythms, and aid in times of imbalance. Much of what I do with my clients is geared towards addressing and synthesizing all these aspects towards a holistic well being, information and practices the State will never inform you on, let alone work to facilitate in your individual lives. If it’s Corporate it’s Cancer. Just remember that. Down to the products you see on the shelves of your local corporate owned businesses.

The last thing I will share is that the Sun, our literal life-sustaining principle, does not cause skin cancer like all the dermatologists will tell you (I worked for a few). What does cause skin cancer is over-exposure mixed with all the deadly/harmful chemicals you are lathering onto the largest organ of your body. The alchemy between these components over time creates a reaction in your skin, manifesting what we call skin cancer. I’ll save my spill on the internal cancer causing diet for another day. The point of all this is to share the awareness I have attained through ongoing rigorous study of ancient wisdoms and practices, and to give a better idea of what I will be offering in terms of holistic wellness.

I look forward to meeting the needs of the community in ways that will work to improve upon/expand your overall holistic well-being—mind/body/spirit. Inevitably the goal is that your daily human experience will be one that harmonizes with the natural world. Energy flows where focus goes. What is your focus today?

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