A Special Place

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Keeping it simple today, but sharing some questions burning in my soul….

What is it about the light of one woman that makes another shudder in the dark?

Why do women compete with one another rather than grab each other by the hand, supporting one another in the complicated patriarchal narrative we exist in together?

Why are we intimidated by her strength and fervor, rather than inspired?

Why must we attempt to sabotage one another rather than clap when the other wins?

When will uttering unkind un-neccesaries of one another, be the farthest thing from women’s agendas?

Why must we cast shadows on other women just to feel valid and seen in the world, when we are truly better as a collective?

When will women realize we are fighting the same battles, no matter how different they may look or feel?

When will women understand none of us are free unless we are all free?

When will our support for one another be so fucking ginormous we collectively create tsunamis of change and move mountains of oppression? (I know it seems we have started, but we have a long way to go.)

To all my fellow women out there—we must do better. We must love and embrace one another, share our light and shine so brightly on the world that it shudders in our collective presence.

Keep it love.


A concerned feminist who sees our biggest battles lie within our own camp.


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